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We Are Reolus

About Us

We have a low stress and flexible work culture. We firmly believe that exceptional employees are fundamental to the growth and development of our company. We aim to provide an open and balanced work culture with professionalism and integrity on one end and work life balance on the other. We are committed to personal development and growth of our employees. We work in an environment that encourages innovative thinking and are empowered to act as change agents for introducing fresh ideas into the organization and the projects we undertake.

At Reolus, we follow industry standards which bring out-of-box solutions. The company has expertise in the area of Web Development, Java, Sprng MVC + SpringBoot, PHP, Drupal, eCommerce, SEO, Android applications, Web designing and the list goes on. Our team of software professionals is committed to excellence that brings matchless services to provide you with hundred percent values for the invested money.

Our Vision

Offering suitable and progressive solutions to our customer, develop innovation services and support and build a Software services organization that would be recognized as a domestic and global leader for its functional and technical abilities, thus to help clients with an end to end services.

We Are Creative

Being a young organization, our culture is a mix of spontaneity and structured processes that allows our people to accomplish their tasks using the best technology support available while retaining the spontaneity getting the best for every successful software corporation.

We Are Professional

We at Reolus have professionals who respect their colleague’s work which further leads to infectious enthusiasm in the company. Professionals at Reolus focus on development with innovation and commitment. Good team spirit always leads to efficient and precise development

How We Plan Our Work

Creative Process

  • 01
    Our Business Analysts and Functional expert sit together to give you your best product with cost effective solutions
  • 02
    Our Technology experts decide on the best suited design and choose the latest and best technology for best experience
  • 03
    Our best Quality team performs checks. Review is done on actual requirements given, launching in the given timeline and budget
We have highly skilled & talented resources who
  • Set their targets at nothing but the best
  • Realize that their work has a direct impact on customer satisfaction
  • Are self-confident and ready to take on leadership positions
  • Have cross-functional and cross-technology exposure
  • Are disciplined enough to achieve what they have set out in life for.

All in all, the organizational structure enables our development teams to share their expertise and skills with each other to create– a world of knowledge, learning, challenges, and experience – every day of the job!

Goals that has imbibed in our team:
  • To institutionalize business processes and policies.
  • To develop a team with a sharp focus on achieving results.
  • To increase sales of services and support.
  • To develop a strong brand name for the organization.
  • To develop operational procedures to imbibe ownership and responsibility.
  • To develop a presence in the market via partnerships, events & thought leadership.
Values and Approach


  • Strong Management Commitment
  • Utmost Attention and Complete Confidentiality
  • Integrity, Dedication and Transparency


  • Professional, Positive and Creative
  • Holistic Business approach for composite winning.
  • Client agreed deadlines are our deadlines and their
    success is our success
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